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Hello dear creatures of Earth!

We Living Arrows hope this newsletter finds you in good health and cheer this holiday season.

Knowing that many loved ones may have fallen on difficulty and suffering lately, we wish to extend our deepest intentions of healing, positivity, and support to you and yours in need.

If you have the means to offer financial support at this time, here is an undeniably moving cause we would like to bring to your attention: Love For Little Levon.
Donate to the little fellow, and you get an amazing compilation of music from incredible artists such as Elephant RevivalSpirits of the Red CityShakey GravesChimney ChoirLaura Goldhamer, and many more.

This album is a compilation of songs from people who have contributed their music to help raise spirits and funds for Cagney & Jess’ baby, Levon Robbie Wenk. Cagney was diagnosed with an aggressive, stage 4 brain cancer in August, and less than a month later Jess gave birth to Levon. ALL MONEY RAISED FROM THIS COMPILATION will go to the Wenk family for the sake of Levon’s future and well being. 

The majority of these songs have yet to be released, and some of these songs may never be available anywhere else. The music ranges from studio sessions to demos, and live recordings to phone recordings. 

This compilation is a pure example of community and it demonstrates the strength that can coalesce when people are in need of love and compassion. Thank you to all musicians and artists who contributed their self expression to benefit Little Levon.

Levon’s father, Cagney, passed away on the 23rd. Please think about buying this amazing album to support a beautiful and suffering family.

Another opportunity to support an extremely inspirational and powerful community member in need is here.

“Our beloved friend Chiara is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of future generations and the protecton of Mother Earth. She is a fearless warrior with a big heart, and right now, she needs our help. Please share with people who have the capacity to donate and want to support her healing journey and sacred work in this time of transformation.

On their way to the Lelu Island in Tsimshian territory to stand in Solidarity with Water Protectors resisting fracking and LNG, Chiara and friends hit ice and went down a 30~foot embankment. Chiara sustained a TBI, concussion, fractured her temporal skull bone and perforated her eardrum, with 50% hearing loss. We expect a full recovery, but we also expect Chiara to be on a long road to recovery with very crucial needs in her healing process. All financial support will go to immediate needs including medical, transportation, basics and self-care. An investment in Chiara is an investment in our shared values of preserving crucial habitat, addressing climate change and organizing to amplify resistance to business as usual.”

In other news, we Living Arrows have returned from our five-week tour of Iceland, and feel very motivated and grateful and supercharged with musical energy! The January issue of Bellingham’s What’s Up! Magazine will feature a Tales From The Road article detailing the joys and misadventures of our journey, so keep your eye out…

TLA Live at Solon Bistro during Iceland Airwaves

Speaking of What’s Up Magazine, we are proud to say we have been nominated for their 2016 Music Awards. Go on over to what and vote for us on “Best Silver Platter” (for our new album Roots & Wings) and “Best Axes of Folk”!

Next item… We are very elated to announce that our upcoming plans this spring include participating in a six-week artist residency at Holden Village! The theme of the residency is Ecology, Spirituality, and Social Justice, and we look forward to spending our time in the magical Glacier Peak Wilderness arranging and preparing a whole new batch of songs for your listening pleasure.

We also will be booking a tour down the west coast during the month of July, so if there are any wonderful places between Bellingham and San Francisco that you would like to bring to our attention, please do get in touch!

While you’re on the internet, wander over to YouTube and scope out this sweet little video we made of our song, I Am Not My Thoughts.

By the way, we would also like to inform you that lyrics to all of our recorded songs are available for your perusal right here on our website! (and VERY soon, we will also have posted the lyrics to unrecorded songs you’ve fallen in love with at our live shows!)

Wellp, that was a long one.

Thanks for reading, we love you a whole lot and wish you an extremely fortunate and delightful New Year.

~The Living Arrows~

Traesti, Loren, & Alexandra


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