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TLA ~ Summertime update!

Hello hello hello hellllloooooooooooo out there!

Boy, have we been busy. We’ve been working full time in Bellingham and playing shows around the region every weekend since May! It’s been amazing to connect with familiar faces and meet so many beautiful new people.

We had a soul-nourishing adventure among the San Juan Islands with the Lydia Violet Band and the Salish Sea Revival Tour; We performed for the people and plants at the spectacular Nursery at Mount Si; We hosted a magnificent Chocolate Party and dance at the Majestic Ballroom; We packed the Honeymoon Meadery full of friends and loved ones for an intimate serenade… Thank you for sharing these moments and memories with us!

The coming weeks hold the following musical delights:

Wednesday, August 9th – 7pm – Alternative Library w/ This Is Napoleon? & Black Radish 

Friday, August 11th – 9:40pm – Subdued Stringband Jamboree – Slanted Stage

Friday, August 25th – 2pm – Friday Harbor Arts Market w/ Polecat

*CANCELLED – August 26th @ Conway Muse*

September 8-10th – Sh’Bang Festival – Lookout Arts Quarry – Day & Time TBA

Friday, September 22nd – 7pm – Alternative Library – I AM DESIRE ritual theatre poetry reading by Traesti Luther w/ music by The Living Arrows

Saturday, September 23rd – 9pm – The Wild Buffalo w/ The Sky Colony & Kuinka

Well, that about covers the near and slightly less near future.
Keep an eye on us on Facebook and Instagram to stay apprised of additions and changes to our schedule. Also please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, funny stories, cool pictures, random ideas, or friendly hellos you have for us!

Lots of love,


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