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Traesti, Loren, and Alexandra are a trio of Pacific Northwest creatures who desire to build community, cultivate creativity, and rouse the spirit wherever they roam.


Described as “rebel spirit pop”, and “the prelude to a perfect day”, The Living Arrows explore the range of the human experience through lilting saxophone solos, entrancing vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, and dreamlike electric guitar-scapes.

In Spring of 2014 they released an album entitled Breaking the Spell. This 7-track debut received acclaim from their local community as well as an enthusiastic reception throughout their tour of Iceland and Germany.

In Winter of 2016 they released Set You Free, a 3-song ep. “The three pieces (transcending the idea of “songs”) on The Living Arrows EP, Set You Free, resonate like the separate lines of a haiku: each is a world unto themselves but realizing a greater poetic dimensionality as a whole.” (What’s Up Magazine, Bellingham, April 2016)

In September, 2016 they celebrated the release of their newest creation, Roots & Wings, a 12-track album they produced at Binary Recording Studio.

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